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Ontario Minor Hockey Association (OMHA) Coach CEP Online Course

In light of proposed changes to the NCCP for hockey, and the Certification Maintenance Model moving forward, the online Refresher Module will be unavailable until such time as the specifics with respect to recognition & point value in the Certification Maintenance model are clarified. If you have any questions regarding this issue please contact the OMHA directly.

If you already registered, but have not received your activation email yet, please check your spam or junk email folders for it, and whitelist the sender so that you get site administration emails.  If you cannot locate the activation email and need to have it re-sent, or need to pay for the course and have not done so, logon to the Membership Portal with your account id and password to resolve those issues before contacting support.  Please note that the membership portal is a separate logon than that the one above that is used to take the course.

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